Milarepa Travel Agency

Milarepa Travel Agency is a Tibetan owned and operated travel agency located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. Its trips covering all areas of Tibet with special focus on Amdo and Kham. We offer the best trekking tours, home-stays, nomadic life tours and most beautiful sight-seeing in Tibet. For groups with special interest, we provide lessons on Tibetan Yogi Traditions and Tibetan medicine. We are also happy to receive documentary film makers and photographers. We’d not only want you to see how Tibetans live, but to live as a Tibetan to experience the lives of the people on this plateau.

We’d love to accommodate you to experience the authentic Tibetan culture; therefore, we will arrange Tibetan guides, Tibetan drivers, and Tibetan owned hotels, home-stays and restaurants. While you are travelling, your expenses will directly benefit the Tibetans one way or the other.